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Our next scheduled sale on 27 January 2018 


New date will be published here shortly.


We regularly hold transport auctions of London related material – Buses, Underground,  Taxis, Railways and street furniture.

We hold both room / internet and internet only sales on a regular basis.


Our auctions often include convenient lots of model buses and EFE Underground sets. Call us to enter your surplus models -  particularly if they are London Transport examples:

Sell your red Sunstar Routemasters and EFE 1:24 scale DMS or Metros for £100 each  GUARANTEED at our next auction. 

Must be in original condition with certifcate, mirrors etc

LONDON TRANSPORT AUCTIONS  -    Tel:  0208 611 2786 (office hours)

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London Transport Auctions - where London's top transport collectables are offered. 


Contact us now to enter your items

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